Electronic security and access control

Video management solutions, access and identity control, and integration platforms.


• Video surveillance and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV).
• Analytical video systems.
• Watches and assistance controls with a reader, biometric, PIN and facial, proximity and barcode access.
• Attendance and access control system with validation between identity card and fingerprint (Match on Card).
• Equipment to manage contractor assistance.
• Smart electromechanical locks with variable access control and remote authorization.
• Tourniquets and turnstiles.
• Access and exit barriers.
• IP intercom and cyphony systems.



• Integration software.
• Equipment monitoring software.
• Video surveillance software.
• Electronic security software.
• Monitoring software.
• Custom software.


• Centralized monitoring services.
• Vigatec Service Pack: Equipment, Software, BPO Services for Process Outsourcing and 24/7 Operational Continuity.


• Customized operational continuity agreements with national coverage and specialized technical service.
• Implementation: Installation, training and start-up.
• Preventive and corrective maintenance.
• Remote monitoring and reports.
• System, hardware and software updates.
• Training.
• Remote support.