Environmental solutions

Environmental solutions for waste management and recycling. We’ll assess you on the implementation of Extended Producer Responsibility and the creation of Management Systems.


• Solution to automate waste and recycling systems in urban, residential, hospital and airport developments, among others.
• Helps to create a cleaner and healthier environment in residential and urban sectors.
• Significantly reduce operational costs and dependence on garbage trucks, eliminating odors from containers and minimizing the need to store recycled or waste products that decompose.
• For more than 40 years TransVac has been a leader in automatic waste collection, recycling and hospital bedding.
• It represents a significant economic saving for hospitals and clinics.


• We are leaders in the implementation of the Extended Producer Responsibility and the creation of Management Systems, as we have the most prestigious team of experts at a national and international level..
• We have a team of expert consultants and referents of Extended Responsibility for Chilean Producers.
• We know the challenges of regulated industries, how to approach them and prioritize them.
• We set up management systems based on best practices and international experiences, considering the legislative reality and the national market.