Industrial processes and logistics

Industrial solutions for manufacturing line production (packaging and coding), automatic vertical storage systems and pneumatic mail.


Industrial solutions for lifting and transporting cargo through a vacuum, filling lines and line ends.
• Cartoning and box assemblage machines.
• Pallet wrapping machines with stretch film.
• Semi-automatic wrapping machines with stretch film.
• Automatic wrapping system.
• X-ray equipment to control and detect impurities.
• Equipment for lifting and transporting cargo through a vacuum.
• Electrical equipment for handling coils and other products.
• Fillers for chlorinated and non-chlorinated products..
• Robot palletizer and depalletizer.


Industrial solutions for coding and identifying products in production lines.
• High-resolution encoders.
• Large character encoders.
• Inkjet coders.
• Thermal transfer coders (TTO).
• Laser marking coders.


Automatic vertical storage system, which allows one to save up to 90% in space.
• Optimizes space.
• Productivity increases.
• Saves management time.
• Improves the processes’ efficiency.
• Increases safety.
• Multi ERP.


Pneumatic transport solutions for the safe and quick shipment of medicines, samples, documents and money.
• Premium Front Load.
• Upper Load.
• Compact (for small spaces).
• Multi-Shipping (recommended for laboratories).
• Multi-receptions (recommended for laboratories).
• Self-unloading (only 160mm).
• 3-way diversifiers.
• Turbines (various formats).

* All stations are for 110mm and 160mm diameter tubes.


• Integration software.
• Equipment monitoring software.
• Production ARP software.
• Custom software.


• Automatic film stretch.
• Product labeling and coding.
• “Touch keyboard”.
• Multiple lines of text.
• Integrated RFID reader.
• Station directory.
• USB port to connect barcode readers.
• Capsule shipment and reception only by authorized personnel (RFID cards).
• Tailor-made capsules that meet each customer’s specific requirements (hermetic, leak-proof capsules).
• Capsules with RFID technology (to send it automatically from one station to another and for traceability).
* All stations have an air cushion system, which allows for the capsule’s smooth arrival Original supplies, consumables, spare parts and accessories. .


• Outsourcing services for impurity control.
• End-of-line outsourcing services.
• Outsourcing services for pallet wrapping.
• Space, plans, elevation and loading design.
• Vigatec Service Pack: Equipment, Software, BPO Services for Process Outsourcing and 24/7 Operational Continuity.


• Customized operational continuity agreements with national coverage and specialized technical service.
• Implementation: Installation, training and start-up.
• Preventive and corrective maintenance.
• Plant spare parts kit.
• Remote monitoring and reports.
• System, hardware and software updates.
• Training.
• Remote support.