Payment methods

Integral solutions for payment and transactional methods, payment terminals, card personalization systems and cash management.


• Equipment for the personalization and issuance of cards, centralized and decentralized.
• Payment terminals (POS, mPOS, IPOS).
• Self-checkout payment equipment.
• Card self-issuing equipment.
• Inclusive self-issuing equipment.


• Integration software.
• Equipment monitoring software.
• Payment method software.
• Card personalization and issuance software..
• Customized software..


• Payment cards: credit, debit and prepaid.
• Payment cards with or without a flag, with or without a chip, with or without a magnetic stripe..
• Smart cards with chip, contact and contactless.
• Gift cards.
• Coordinate cards.
• Cards to transport passengers..
• Parking prepaid cards, subscribers and wallet.
• Original supplies, consumables, spare parts and accessories.


• Welcome pack design, production and distribution.
• Card personalization and issuance.
• Prepare and send bank cards, physical and/or virtual.
Vigatec Service Pack: Equipment, Software, BPO Services for Process Outsourcing and 24/7 Operational Continuity.


• Customized operational continuity agreements with national coverage and specialized technical service.
• Implementation: Installation, training and start-up.
• Preventive and corrective maintenance.
• Remote monitoring and reports.
• System, hardware and software updates.
• Training.
• Remote support.